Recycling – what CAN we recycle?

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This question comes up a lot at home. Usually it is a piece of plastic that some of us think can be recycled and others do not. Which bin do we put it in?! We do not want to just throw it away as it COULD be recycled, but we do not want to just put it in the recycling as that creates more work down the line if it CANNOT be recycled!

Thankfully, our local council has updated what we can and cannot recycle for us. Here is our very comprehensive list for Norfolk, UK:


  • Newspapers and magazines
  • White and coloured paper
  • Greetings cards (without glitter)
  • Envelopes (including ones with windows, but not ones with bubble wrap padding)
  • Junk mail (remove from any plastic packaging)
  • Clean paper bags
  • Telephone directories, yellow pages, store directories and catalogues
  • Clean wrapping paper (without glitter or cellotape)
  • Shredded paper (please make sure this…

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